Sunday, January 10, 2010

My History(1975 - 2009)

I am muslim by birth and my nationality is Indian.I was born on 28th June 1975 in a small town in Bihar, Dehri-On-Sone(Dalmia Nagar).Since my childhood days I was very fond of drawings and sketchings.As I was small my parents never gave interest in my arts and drawings and I was sent to school for completing my basic studies.My parents left me in India and went to Libya as my father is a doctor by profession.I was left in Kolkata to complete my studies as there were no schools for Indians in Libya.When I was seven years old they came back and took me along with them as my studies were getting worst day by day.I was a very naughty child and use to play from morning to dawn.I went to Libya in 1984.I joined Indian Community School there and after my completion of Board exam I came back to Kolkata to complete my other higher studies. The duration between 1986 t0 1993 was the time in Libya where I use to do most of my sketching s and drawings because after school there was no life for me and it was like I was in a prison as the Libyans use to treat us Indians as some criminals.I had a major collection of sketches and drawing and Unfortunately I could not bring those Sketching s and drawing of mine to India or else I would have scanned them and have uploaded on my blog page.
From then I had a tough time struggling in India as I did not had an idea to decide which stream to go for.I was confused whether to to choose Science, commerce or arts.Though I was good at sketching and drawings I had to choose commerce.There were no such multimedia institute for people like us or if there were then I did not took my passion seriously.May be I thought that was not for me and it was just a dream which was never made for me because I was never guided by my parents and they never took my passion seriously.I gave my 10+2 exams in 1995 and just passed with second grade mark.I had a tough time getting admission into colleges as my marks were poor.Somehow I managed to get admission in one of the college in Kolkata.I completed my Graduation from Calcutta University in 1997 by hook and crook.That was the end of my studies.I knew with that percentage of mine it was useless going for further studies.That was the end of my career.I started my own small business which did not lasted for long and I had a loss which made me quit my business in 2002. I started thinking that if I would go back to my passion that would be better than wasting my life.By that time many multimedia institute were established in Kolkata which use to give chance for people who were interested in graphics and animation.I thought why not to try in these institute and start my sketching and drawings again.But what I thought of learning was 2d graphic animation.Again I had no option.I thought to give up 2d animation and enroll myself in 3d graphics.I enrolled myself in Arena multimedia in kolkata and started learning 3D Studio Max 4.When I passed out from there I again had a tough time finding job.I became restless and frustrated as time was passing by very fast and my age was again the factor of my depression.With a tough struggle I got an opportunity to work with a multimedia company Theta Digital Dreamz based in kolkata.I developed my 3D Max tool with the live project and along with it I learn t Maya 4.Along with these application I learn t other application which was helpful to me applying them in these 3D software, Maya and 3d studio Max.With the time passing by I developed my modeling skills and starting giving more effort rather than giving much time in lighting,textural,rigging and animation.I quit the company in 2008 and tried to find some better company so that I can get more exposure in 3D world.I kept on trying in some better companies but most of the companies were shutting down as there were lacks of 3d work in the market.I started working as freelancer.Few of my best works are shown below:

Title - 1932 A Packard Care, Software Maya2010

Title - An Old Indian Lamp, Software Maya2010

Title - Mr Foo, Software Maya2010

Title - Maharaja Parrot, Software Maya2010

Title - Negro, Software Maya2010

Title - Robot, Software Maya2010

Title - Bata Shoe, Software Maya2010

Title - Anandolokproshkar Award Event Trophy, Software Maya2010

Title - Babughat(Made by the Britisher during their rule in India(Kolkata), Software Maya2010

Title - Holux, Software Maya2010

Title - ABP Press Office, Software 3DStudioMax2010

Title - Technopolis(Kolkata), Software Maya2010

Title - Tilottama Crown(Tilottama Event,A beauty contest crown), Software Maya2010

Title - Iclc Container, Software 3DStudiaMax2010

Title - Appy Fizz Drink, Software Maya

Title - Uuka, Software Maya2010

Now comes the second phase of my life.

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